photography topics

Some of these topics you may already be confident in and others you may like some guidance with. The choice is yours.

Conceptual ideas

Where does conceptual thinking come from. What stimulates this less ordinary approach?   

The Brain Module

What we know of how people analyse the construction of visual components within images, their observations and conclusions.  A judge’s perspective.

The Art of Seeing

It is said that everyone looks but not everyone sees. Investigating this interesting notion.

The Weather

The weather can have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your images, for better and worse. Any understanding could increase your probability of success.


A complex but fascinating subject that can have a most profound effect on success or failure.  


A better understanding of exposure can help you tackle those difficult lighting situations. 

Tone/Key shifting

Altering the tonal values within a scene can be invaluable to Environmental-Portraits.

Ratios and Contrast

The contrast ratio verses the lighting ratio. Making sense of it then making it work.

Research and planning

Some say, 'photographers don’t plan to fail but they can fail to plan’. Research and planning are important components of any shoot. 

Black & White

The most evocative media. How can we previsualise an excellent Black & White scene or subject?

Identifying Colour

Identifying groups that harmonise and those that conflict can assist visual decisions. 

Technical Aptitude

Am I technical enough or perhaps I am I too technical? 

Camera Craft

The smart craft of camera types, angles and lens choices for optimum results.

Three Dimensions

Some insights the masters use to create that extra layer of Three-D. 


You can study light a lifetime and run out of time. A subject that is as absorbing as it is exciting.

Artistic Aptitude

Am I naturally artistic? If I am not, can I gain an artistic aptitude? 

Post Production

The images now captured, will post-production lift them to another aesthetic level or will the tampering ruin them?

Judging Images

Images should be appraised objectively and not subjectively but is this possible?